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YearC o m p o s i t i o nDurationCategory
1980Isolation for bass cl and tape11 min.with fixed media
1983Pain for two computers (tape)11 min.with fixed media
1983Solidity: transformation of my internal dialogue for 10 instruments8 min.instruments
1983Junction for alto fl, vl, vc and harp7 min.instruments
1984Transparency for harp and tape8 min.with fixed media
1986Five Inventions Accompanied by Computers for cl, vc and piano15 min.interactive
1986Friction for alto fl, vl, vc and harp9 min.instruments
1987Recursive Figuration for 6 cellos8 min.instruments
1988Four Inventions for piano and a signal processing computer15 min.interactive
1989Sparkle for bass cl and tape11 min.instruments
1990Broken White for 8 instruments10 min.with fixed media
1991Style for string quartet11 min.instruments
1992Three Inventions for soprano sax, double bass, pf and harp14 min.interactive
1993Meteor in memory of Dr.Mori for harp solo9 min.instruments
1993Three Unknown Spaces for Gamelan instruments and tape14 min.with fixed media
1993Static Sequence for solo vl and 8 instruments8 min.instruments
1994Kinetic Figuration for MIDI piano, VP-1 synthesizer and IRCAM Signal Processing Workstations16 min.interactive
1995Seven Refractions for fl and a signal processing computer14 min.interactive
1997Impulse for percussion and computer 23 min.multimedia
1999Transfiguration for cl and computer 10 min.instruments
2000Mirage for 17 stringed Koto and computer8 min.interactive
2001Lucent Aquarelle for harp and computer12 min.interactive
2003Facade for guitar and computer11 min.interactive
2004Labyrinth for tape10 min.electroacoustic
2007Time flows for bass-fl/fl., perc, guitar and computer13 min.interactive
2009Active Figuration for violin and computer13 min.interactive
2009horizontal stillness for electroacoustic11 min.electroacoustic
2012Discrete Transfer for piano and computer10 min.interactive

TitleIsolation for bass cl and tape
Duration11 minutes
Year of realization1980
Instrumentationbass cl, fixed media or 3 bass cl
Categorywith fixed media / instruments
PremiereInternational Gaudeamus Music Week, Netherlands,
  performed by Harry Sparnaay
Awarded2nd Irino Composition Award, , Japan, 1981
Selected atGaudeamus Competition of Composers, , Netherlands, 1980
Score available fromDonemus
Notescan be performed by three bass cl.